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Here is a hanger supplier that really knows your needs.

From our sales professionals, to an internal marketing staff that provides customer display managment programs, to the most reputable quality programs in the industry, DTI is truly a hanger company.

You have been asking and we are responding with new ways of doing business and new ways that make more sense to retail and manufactuing companys. There is a difference between a hanger distributor and DTI Display Techonology.

All of our products are manufactured to the highest quality meeting or exceeding industry standards. We are constantly improving our molds to make better hangers using the best materials we can buy.

It doesn't matter if you are buying just a size ring or 100 Cases of Hangers, you'll get the same great customer service.

Our goal is to help your business grow


Not only do we provide you with a superior product, but we also offer same day shipping on all orders received by 1PM (Pacific Time)


-Suit Hangers
-Dress Shirt Hangers
-Misc Accessories
-Pant/Skirt Hangers
-Wooden Hangers

-Savers Hangers

Real Estate Displays
-Sidewalk Frames
-Outdoor Real Estate Post
-Indoor Brochure Holders
-Outdoor Brochure Boxes

Distributor Real Estate
-Brochure Boxes
-Indoor Brochure Holders
-Sidewalk Frames
-Outdoor Real Estate Posts

Store Displays
-Wall Mount Brackets
-Grid Panels
-Rack Toppers
-Rolling Racks
-Joiner Clips
-Mini Clips

-Dress hangers